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Maybe some of you using windows pirated and after time skipped you might buy a product key from windows store, using original product is A thing that boasts, for some reason using the original product may be very important.

In this post, I will show how to change the product key of windows 7, and this with an easy step. In the normal guide, you may found that the link to change the product key in computer properties is missing. so you can not enter the product using that method.

As we know, that Windows 7 will be not supported by 2020, and it's very important to upgrade your windows, you can upgrade your windows 7 to windows 10 for free,  so if you have a laptop that has included windows OEM or you has bought it last time, I recommend you to use these ways.

For the first, you must be activated your Windows 7 and then upgrade it to windows 10. and your benefit is you can use the windows 10 for free and you can update for the security and other for windows developer.

Here the solution for you to change the product key.

The first steps are to let us go to the command prompt. search it to window start and find CMD and then after you found it press CTL+SHIF+ENTER while you click the CMD app.

After you entered the window command prompt, fill it with slui.exe 3 and Press Enter.

and you will see a window like this.

so... just fill it your product key and then click NEXT. and wait it be successful.

Hop it will help you guys...

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