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Install Windows On Samsung Laptop Using Usb

I do not know why this laptop did not want to boot via USB, I am trying to find other methods and still fail, I have successfully entered the bios, and did not found the settings about booting on USB.

I have set the boot order via USB but it won't boot. In this case, I am using Samsung RV413, you can Enter to bios by pressing F2, and did not found the USB device, And I have tried it several times.

The laptop might freak, or have another error that can be fixed by the developer. and this is a challenge for us. :v.

Oke, This is how to boot your Samsung laptop from a USB.

  1. First Turn Off your Laptop.
  2. Then Plug in your usb Disk Installer.
  3. Turn on your laptop, while the laptop will turn on, press F9 or F10 Button on the keyboard. a few times do not hold it.  
  4. Finally, the Laptop will automatic booting from USB.

And That's it. It's very simple, right? it might work with other Samsung laptop that you have. so hope it will help you. 

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